Fire Department Smoke Detector Program

We are excited to announce our participation in a Home Smoke Alarm program through the Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office. Cherryvale Fire-Rescue is committed to not only emergency responses, but to prevention of emergencies such as fires in the home. Smoke alarms are the most effective tool we have to prevent deaths from fire, but many Cherryvale residents do not have working alarms in their home. From the KSFMO, we are able to acquire free smoke alarms that we can distribute to members of our community that cannot afford them. Whether or not we provide the alarm, we can offer assistance with checking existing alarms, changing batteries, or helping with installation.

To really help this program reach its maximum potential, we need your help! First, check your OWN home to make sure that you have working detectors. Second, help check the homes of your family, friends, and neighbors for alarms. We especially want to target our most vulnerable citizens such as the elderly or disabled. If you are someone that provides a service for someone in their home for whatever reason (health care, plumbing, cable guy) ask them about their smoke alarms while you are there. Finally, if you find any homes that need smoke alarms and they are not able to afford them, or need assistance in any way, they can contact us or you can on their behalf.

If you or someone you know needs detectors, call the Fire Department at 620-336-2121. Let us know if you need actual alarms, or just help with existing alarms, batteries, or education on their use and placement. We are looking forward to expanding this program and thank you in advance for the roles you will play in making this a true city-wide effort!