KDHE Blood Lead Report

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Travis Goedken, City Administrator

May 19, 2014

KDHE Report of Higher Blood Lead Levels

The City of Cherryvale has received a report from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment that samples from 2005-2012 have indicated that children in Montgomery County, and specifically Cherryvale, have higher blood lead levels than the state average.  The same sample shows that the adult population of Cherryvale has a statistically significant lower blood lead level.  See the report here.

KDHE, along with the City of Cherryvale and Montgomery County Health Department, held a free blood lead screening on November 13 and 14 of 2013.  These findings are included in the report; however, they do not show a statistically significant difference between residents and the state average.

The report does not identify a source of the exposure.  Dr. Farah Ahmed of KDHE says that the following recommendations can reduce the risk of exposure to children: supervised hand washing, especially before eating; be sure to maintain a cleanly house with extra attention paid to entrances; use of indoor/outdoor shoes to avoid bringing possible contamination further into the home.

If anyone wishes to have a free blood lead screening for themselves or their children, please contact the Montgomery County Health Department at (620) 251-4210.  For other inquiries, feel free to contact City Hall at (620) 336-2776 and we will get you the appropriate contact.