Now Hiring-  City Administrator

Organization:  City of Cherryvale

Date Posted:  11/21/18

Date Needed:  ASAP

City:  Cherryvale

Country:  US

Primary Category:  Administration/City Administrator

Salary:  $53,000 Yearly

Type of Position:  Full-Time/Exempt

Education Requirement:  Bachelors

Experience Required: 3-6 Years

The City Administrator shall be responsible to the Council for the proper and efficient administration of all affairs of the city under his or her jurisdiction, and shall, subject to the provisions of the personnel policies of this city and other ordinances, have the power to appoint, assign, reassign, discipline, and remove all directors or heads of departments and all employees under his or her jurisdiction. The City Administrator shall have the power and it shall be his or her duty:


To execute and enforce all laws, ordinances, resolutions, and policies of the Council and to administer the affairs of the city.


To sign all contracts binding the city, unless Council approval of the contract or subject matter is required by city ordinance or resolution, state or federal law, or other city officers or employees are specifically authorized by ordinance to approve and sign the contracts. This authority is subject to all legal and administrative reviews and approvals otherwise required by city ordinance. The City Administrator may also sign contracts that require council approval, after approval has been obtained.


To attend all meetings of the Council, unless excused, and such meetings of boards and commissions as he or she chooses or which he or she is directed to attend by the Council, and to participate in discussions at such meetings.


To recommend to the Council such measures and ordinances as he or she may deem necessary or expedient and to make such other recommendations to the Council concerning the affairs of the city as he or she finds desirable.


To investigate affairs of the city under his or her supervision, or any franchise or contract for the proper performance of any obligation to the city within his or her jurisdiction.



To control and administer the financial affairs of the city.


To prepare an annual budget for submission to the Council.


To prepare or cause to be prepared the plans, specifications, and contracts for work which the Council may order.


To supervise the purchasing of materials and supplies, to make recommendations to the Council in connection with the awarding of public contracts, and to see that all city contracts under his or her direction, or that of the Council, are faithfully performed.


To prepare and submit to the Council such reports as it may require or that the City Administrator deems appropriate.


To keep the Council at all times fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the city.


To prescribe such general rules and regulations as he or she may deem necessary or expedient to the general conduct of the departments under his or her jurisdiction.


When directed by the Council, to represent the city in its intergovernmental relations and to negotiate contracts for joint governmental actions, subject to Council approval.


To be the City Administrator’s sole employment, except as otherwise authorized by the City Council or the City Administrator’s employment contract.


To perform such other duties as may be prescribed by ordinance or resolution.


To provide the Council members a written report of the city’s financial condition and administrative activities for the prior fiscal year.


To recommend organization of departments and divisions in the most efficient and economical manner.


To prepare and set the agenda for the conduct of business at Council meetings.


Salary range starts at $53,000 DOQ, health and dental insurance, KPERS, holiday, vacation, and sick leave packages.

How to Apply: Send Cover Letter and Resume to Brooke A. Carroll, City Administrator, or call 620-336-2776 for more information.