Public Works Photos

Cherryvale Public Works spent Monday (1/15/18) Clearing snow covered roads
Cherryvale Public Works spend the afternoon running the Jetter Truck (11/7/17) 
Cherryvale Public Works Department Spent Thursday Night (11/2/17) fixing a water main leak. 1   2

Cherryvale Public Works Department are revamping downtown with freshly painted trash cans! 
Wade Webber and his crew have spent sometime giving the trash cans in the downtown a facelift, by a fresh new bright paint base with cherries on the side!
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The Public Works Department is responsible for many services including the construction, maintenance, and repair of our aging infrastructure.
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 5-11-2017 rain 002 (2) 4074_lrg (3)

July 4th, 2017 Flooding Documentation
Public Works Department Surveying Flooding Issues on 7/4/176th & Galveston                                     

  6th and Galveston (2)    Catherine and Independence Ave Main and Oak     Maple and West 4th OOak and West 3rd  Walnut and Main      Harry Cunningham's Yard   west 4th and liberty (Catholic Church)  Main and Liberty  Maple and west 3rd  
Snow Removal Efforts - "Blizzard of 2011"
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